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The company's technical strength is strong,Full detection equipment,Focus on the development of various types of high -powerful rubber conveyors、Production、Sales and Service。Company products are widely used in mineral mining、Steel smelting、Building materials cement、Port Pier、Industrial scattered goods and materials in industries such as thermal power and other industries,The main products include various steel wire rope core conveyor belts (ultra -wear -resistant、Anti -tear、Fire retardant for coal mines、High temperature resistance、pipe shape, etc.)、Various fabric core conveyor belts (heat resistance、High temperature resistance、Burning -resistant、Flame retardant、Cold resistance、Oil resistance、acid resistance、pipe shape, etc.)、Metal nets/direct meridian directtone conveyor belt、All kinds of special conveyor belts (environmental protection energy savings band、Aramid Band、Pattern Band、ring belt、Promotion Belt、Anti -adhesion band、Rough noodles, etc.) and various high -strength rubber V belt。It can adapt to the harsh environment of various transportation,I got Laigang、Lian Gang、Baosteel、China Resources Cement、Southern Cement、Shaanxi Coal Industry、Shenhua Guo Dian、The recognition and praise of high -end customers at home and abroad,Market share stabilize the forefront of the country,and exported overseas。

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