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2024 EUROPEAN CUP ODDS was founded in 1988,Its predecessor was the five rubber products factory in Sanmen County, Zhejiang Province.。August 18, 1998 Taizhou 2024 EUROPEAN CUP rubber and plastic products Co., Ltd.,In 2002, the company's first conveyor belt production line was put into production,Products start to export。On February 28, 2003,In 2008, the company was constructed on the new factory area of ​​No. 8 Xiangyun Road, Haiyou Street, Sanmen County,and all completed the relocation in 2018。2018 Company Starting Construction in the 129 -mu factory area of ​​Yangda Land in Sanmen County,Putting production。

After nearly 30 years of continuous development,The company has become a collection design、R & D、Transportation belts and triangular band professional production comprehensive enterprises。The total amount of fixed assets of the company is 400 million yuan,Covering the total area of ​​about 165,000 square meters。With the domestic advanced V belly production flow line and the international leading steel wire rope conveyor belt production pipeline,With an annual output of ordinary V belt 150 million am,The production capacity of 20 million square meters of transport belt for various specifications。The company passed the ISO9001 quality management system、ISO140001 Environmental Management System、Vocational Health and Safety Management System Certification,Mid -rubber associated traffic tape branch vice chairman unit、"Top 100 Enterprises in China Petroleum and Chemical Industry"、"Standardized Enterprise of National Production"。"2024 EUROPEAN CUP" brand won the China Rubber Industry Excellent Brand Award、Recommended brand products of the China Rubber Industry Association。"2024 EUROPEAN CUP" trademark has been rated as the famous trademark in Zhejiang Province and the brand name of Zhejiang exports。

The company is a national high -tech enterprise,conveyor belt and drive band provincial high -tech enterprise research and development center,38 items with patents,Among them, 10 items of invention patents、28 items of practical new patents。The company's technical strength is strong,Full detection equipment,Focus on the research and development of various high -powerful rubber conveyors、Production、Sales and Service。Company products are widely used in mineral mining、Steel smelting、Building materials cement、Port Pier、Industrial loose goods materials transportation in industries such as thermal power and other industries,The main products include various steel wire rope core conveyor belts (ultra -wear -resistant、Anti -tear、Fire retardant for coal mines、High temperature resistance、tube -shaped, etc.)、Various fabric core conveyor belts (heat resistance、High temperature resistance、Burn -resistant、Flame retardant、Cold resistance、Oil resistance、acid resistance、tube -shaped, etc.)、Metal Nets/Direct Meridian Direct Store conveyor belt、All kinds of special conveyor belts (environmentally friendly energy -saving belt、Aramid Band、ring belt、ring belt、Promotion Belt、Anti -adhesion band、rough noodles, etc.) and various high -strength rubber V belt。Can adapt to the harsh environment of various transportation,I got Laigang、Lian Steel、Baosang、China Resources Cement、Southern Cement、Shaanxi Coal Industry、Shenhua Kingdom、The recognition and praise of high -end customers at home and abroad,Market share stabilizes the forefront of the country,and exported overseas。

The company created so far,Continuously increase scientific and technological innovation intensity,and Qingdao University of Science and Technology、Hubei University of Technology、Taizhou College and other universities have established long -term industry -university -research cooperation relationships,It has shown superior competitiveness in the technological innovation of broadening the industrial field,constantly developing a new type of composite rubber conveyor belt,Product technology innovation has achieved scale。At the same time,The company also hires two doctors for a long time,The main attack special rubber product development,and undertake the research and development topic of special high -end tapes,For example, a high temperature resistant 200 ° C carbon nanotuba conveyor belt,Graphene ultra -wear -resistant conveyor belt,And as a company's technical support、Technical Guidance、Training lecture、Patent introduction conversion work,formed a complete talent training、Product Development、Achievement conversion、Technical innovation system for technical services。

Collection Design、R & D、Transportation belts and triangular band professional production comprehensive enterprises

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