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The government has the

The government has the "platform" enterprise with "helper" three doors to help the company "wings with wings"

Recent,After successfully passed the "National High -tech Enterprise" expert review (currently the publicity stage),2024 EUROPEAN CUP ODDS Reinception: In the latest announcement,The company's research and development project list on super high high tough green self -assembled nano composite coating surface modifiers。

This means,"2024 EUROPEAN CUP Rubber Plastics "'s transformation and upgrade road to one step into a step。It is understood,"2024 EUROPEAN CUP Rubber Plast" was established in 1988,Is design、R & D、Transportation belts integrated in production and trade and comprehensive production enterprises for professional production of triangular belts,There is a provincial technology center,Having 21 items of patents,Among them, 3 items of invention patents、19 practical new patents。

"This year,Taizhou College, which we introduced with the Science and Technology Plaza、Ningbo Institute of Engineering and other universities cooperation in the three -door research institute,Carry out national high -tech enterprises、Provincial key research and development special application work,Select topic design、Formula Development、Craft innovation and other aspects helped us solve many problems。"" 2024 EUROPEAN CUP Rubber Plastics "General Manager Zheng Shi Province laughed,Last month,They also carry out industry -university -research cooperation with Zhejiang University of Technology,Newly launched research and development projects on special conveyor belts。

This scene,It is a microcosm of the service company after the opening of the Sanmenwan Kokuke Plaza。

At present,Three doors constantly improve the scientific and technological innovation institutional mechanism,Use Science and Technology Plaza as the "nuclear power" for the high -quality development of the three doors,Focusing on creating the provincial rubber industry innovation service complex,Focus on industrial shortcomings in the county,Reinforce the Innovation Chain,To better play the R & D center、Science and Technology Innovation Service Center、Inspection and Inspection Center、Public Refining Service Center and Incubation Base "Four Central Center and One Base" help enterprises to develop。

"Current,The complex has introduced more than 20 innovative service agencies,It can provide product research and development for enterprises、Process improvement、Technology Finance, etc.、Science and Technology Services Service of the All -Industry Chain,Promote the transformation and upgrade of enterprises。"The relevant person in charge of the county Science and Technology Bureau introduced。

At the same time,Sanmen County Enterprise Center's service function has also continued to extend。Recent,Xu Lijian, head of Zhejiang Lixing Automobile Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd.,Due to the approval of the new factory building, come to the enterprise center,Fifteen days after submitting the application,I got a comprehensive intermediary report。

"Through the joint agency,Comprehensive application report based on the reporting guidance of the intermediary service center,Originally more than 10 copies、The intermediary report of thousands of pages of space is reduced to about 100 pages,Approval materials reduced by more than 80%,Fast and efficient! "Xu Lijian said。

In addition,October,The County Economic and Information Bureau organizes 30 companies in the county to participate in the management innovation advanced training classes,Hold the "Entrepreneur Salon"; the county financial center summarizes the financial product of the county financial institution,Moving "Financial Supermarket" into the corporate center,It is convenient for local enterprises to choose intended cooperation bank ... Enterprise center is passing the government to take the platform,Integrate resources of all parties,Docking financing、Entrepreneurship Counseling、Intermediary services and other 8 major functions are collected in one,Provide a one -stop formula for enterprises、Integrated service。

Three Gate also issued ten articles of the New Deal of Science and Technology、Ten policies and measures such as the New Deal of Manufacturing Industry,Vigorously support science and technology work,Promote the three -door consecutive achievement: 2019,China Technology Network on the Science and Technology Daily News Agency、The "China Innovation Top 100 County" list jointly updated by the National Science and Technology Revitalization Urban Economic Research Association,Threemen on the list for the first time; the ranking of scientific and technological progress in the province was 89 -bit in 2015,rise to 38 -bit today。

Collection design、R & D、Transportation belts integrated in production and trade and comprehensive production enterprises for professional production of triangular belts

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