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"The more difficult it is, the more you must take the responsibility" 丨 Sanmen's place to purchase nearly a thousand boxes of medicines as an enterprise "solve the worry"

"The medicine has arrived,The medicine arrived! Let's pack it,Send it to employees immediately。"In the afternoon of December 27,2024 EUROPEAN CUP ODDS in Haiyou Street, Sanmen County,Director of the Office Mei Yujie holding a box of medicine,Say excitedly。

6 capsules,400 bags,After distribution of medicines,Mei Yujie called Lu Yongfu, Executive Deputy Director of Haiyou Street for the first time。Original,This box of ibuprofen sustained release capsules that are delivered in time in time can come across the province "fast horse and whip",Thanks to Lu Yong's one hundred and do everything possible to "out of nothing"。

"After the self -optimized adjustment and prevention and control measures,I have been paying attention to the situation of the enterprise in the jurisdiction,Telephone understanding、Telephone understanding,I found that many companies have the phenomenon of employees shortage。"Lu Yongfu recalled。

Buy medicine for the first time,As early as last week,Lu Yongfu visited many local hospitals、Pharmacy,I found that anti -fever drugs and other epidemic prevention drugs are very tight。"Can't buy so many medicines at one time,Then I can only think of a way to buy it from other places。"Lu Yongfu looked at the list in the mobile phone communication record,The idea of ​​trying with a try,Contact the past one by one。Huang Tian does not live up to hard work,Finally at about 10:30 pm on December 24,Lu Yongfu got the long -awaited answer。

Original,A friend in Anhui said,You can help buy nearly a thousand boxes of medicines。"It is difficult to find a medicine now,Can be purchased at a time of nearly a thousand boxes,It's really not easy,And all are cheap。"After the drug is sent,Lu Yongfu, who has not had online shopping habits but stared at the logistics information every day,Afraid of what problems will happen halfway,"Fortunately,Finally, rest assured。”

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