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IW steel mesh conveyor belt

IW steel mesh conveyor belt

IW/SW-He-type steel curtain network conveyor belt,It uses steel material,Weaving a mesh structure conveyor belt from the meridian woven to the wire rope and the werely steel wire curtain。Keep the wire rope and weaving steel wire curtain lines that are straight straight,Wei Xiang steel wire curtain cable is always above the steel wire rope。Special twisting through the steel wire rope,Adopt a transparent special structure,Have better osmotic performance。Wei Xiang steel wire curtain wire uses long stretch steel wire curtain cable,It can ensure the horizontal deflection and groove performance of the conveyor belt。IW/SW-He-type steel curtain network conveyor belt is 350 ~ 1600kn. M-1,A occasion suitable for moderate intensity requirements。can be widely used in ore loading and unloading、Metallurgical sintering plant、Coke Factory、Cement Plant Increasing Belt、Lydesh Plant、Battle wheel loading and unloading、A occasion with smaller turning radius。IW/SW-He-type steel curtain network conveyor band special structure,It can be given excellent anti -impact resistance and tear performance of the conveyor belt,It is a new variety of conveyor belts with a good development future。

Using the overall steel mesh IW structure as the core,Use the conveyor belt with anti -shock anti -tear function,Effectively prevent foreign body puncture,and have excellent high temperature resistance,Suitable for steel、Port、Building materials、Mining and other industries。

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